5 Tips for Your First Pole Dancing Class

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You did it! You have overcome your fears and signed up for your first pole dancing class. It looks so different to other sports; spinning around, defying gravity with pop hits playing in the background. You can't wait to start!

Back then, I did not know what to expect when I went into my first pole dancing class. So if you are just starting out your pole journey, here are my top 5 tips!


1. What to wear for pole dancing

Rachel wears the Feeling Free Cropped Tee in the print Blue Leopard, one hand holding a brass pole. The outfit is a blue coloured crop top with black leopard spots and matching bikini bottoms.

Rachel wears the Feeling Free Cropped Tee in the print Blue Leopard, one hand holding a brass pole. The outfit is a blue coloured crop top with black leopard spots and matching bikini bottoms.

Ever wonder why pole dancers wear tiny tops and shorts even on the chilliest of winter days? That is because you need skin to grip the pole. 

My go-to outfit as a beginner was an activewear top and gym shorts that were above the knee. Most beginner pole moves are knee hooks so you will have enough grip in shorts. You also don’t have to reveal too much skin until you get more comfortable with your body. 

2. No moisturiser (at least a day) before class

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Another thing that can mess with your grip on the pole is moisturiser. I am originally from a tropical country (Singapore), so Adelaide’s climate leaves my skin feeling like a desert! Despite this, I try not to moisturise at least a day before my pole class. 

Moisturisers can make the pole slippery and stop you from sticking. 

If you still want to moisturise, use a pole friendly moisturiser like Pole Physics.


 3. Get ready to sweat...  

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Pole dancers seem so effortless when they dance, but the reality is it is FREAKING HARD!

When I started pole dancing, I was too sweaty to even climb the pole or stay on long enough to do spins. Lots of people find that their hands sweat a lot when they start out. 

For me, it was extra tough because I sweat from my palms and feet even when I’m just sitting down and not exercising.

Grip aids like Dry Hands or Beal Grip can help you grip the pole. You might have to use a lot of grip aid as a beginner. Over time your grip should get stronger and you can use less.

If you have sweaty palms and feet like me, layering an antiperspirant like Tite Grip II (at least 30 minutes before class) can help. 

 4. Bruises in odd spots

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The day after your first class, you might notice bruises on the back of your knees or the top of your feet. This is a normal part of pole dancing. With practice, you will bruise less over time. 

Have an important occasion coming up and want those bruises to disappear quickly? I find that any ointment containing arnica helps. Or you can choose to wear those pole kisses with pride!

5.You will get stronger and flexible over time

If you haven’t been exercising regularly before you start pole dancing, you might feel really sore the day after your class. Say hello to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)! Do some gentle movement like yoga or walking to help get the blood flowing to your muscles for a quicker recovery. An Epsom salt bath also works wonders.

Or maybe you go to the gym regularly, but discover that you cannot touch your toes! The beauty of pole dancing is that it focuses on both strength and flexibility. The cooldown stretches at the end of the class help you become more flexible over time. If your studio offers stretch or yoga classes, you could also do that to complement your pole dancing.


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And that’s it, my top 5 tips for beginner pole dancers! I hope they help you on your pole journey.

Do you have any other tips to share? Leave a comment below!


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