Sweaty Pole Dancer? Here is what worked for me!

Anyone else only able to do one trick before sliding off the pole in a slippery mess? That’s me! I have hyperhidrosis, which causes me to sweat mostly from my palms and soles of my feet. 

So what can you do to help you get more grip on the pole? 

I've tried different things - avoiding caffeine the day of pole class, different grip aids, trying a pole made of something other than brass. You name it, I've probably tried it! 

After 4 years of pole dancing, here is what worked for me:

Antiperspirant and grip aids are your friend

Photo of 3 different types of grip aid. Left to right, powder chalk ball, Dry Hands and Beal.
3 different types of grip aid. Left to right: Powdered chalk ball, Dry Hands and Beal.


Grip aids are every pole dancer’s friend! I tried different grip aids before finding one that worked for my skin type (dry, but sweats as soon as I touch the pole!).

I know most people swear by Dry Hands, but what worked best for me was applying an antiperspirant and and then patting powdered chalk between my palms. I highly recommend layering on an antiperspirant if you have sweat issues. It draws out the moisture from your skin and you will find you use less grip aid.

Don’t forget your towel

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If you’ve read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, you will know that a towel is the most important thing you can carry. It is not only useful for trips across the galaxy, but it can also be used for drying your hands before attempting a trick.

You can also use it to wipe embarrassing sweat puddles off the floor after a warmup!

Get a grip with pole gloves

Photo of Tite Grip Aerial Gloves in different colours.

Tite Grip pole gloves are what I use for pole dancing. They come in various colours. You can buy them at Tite Grip here.

When I first started pole dancing, I was so sweaty that I could not even climb the pole. I tried and tried so hard, but kept slipping. I even had my instructor check my technique, thinking that I was doing something wrong.

Then I discovered pole gloves, and my life changed! From only being able to climb a third of the pole, I managed to reach the top. I remember that moment vividly, because everyone in class started clapping for me.

Practice, practice, practice!

I have found that practicing a trick regularly helps me to sweat less. I believe that most of my sweating during pole class is due to anxiety. “What if I slip and fall? I’m not ‘sticky’ enough to stay on the pole.” Practicing a trick regularly helps me banish these thoughts and prove to myself that yes, despite the sweat, I am able to do it in a safe way. And I’ve found that by practicing the same trick for a while, I start sweating less over time.

Try another style of pole

If you have done all of the above and still find it difficult to do pole tricks, try another style of pole. I find it much easier working on static pole than spin.

You might find your calling in floorwork, or dance! You don’t know until you try!

If any of these tips help you, let me know! I would also love to hear from other sweaty pole dancers on what helps you manage sweat!



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